[6/18/19] Shot Dog Continues Recovery

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A dog named Cane continues his recovery at the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society after being shot three times. Last week veterinarians said Cane was stable enough to undergo surgery to remove two of the bullets, located in or around his cranial area. Over the weekend, swelling around the incisions pushed for further testing and pain management. After blood tests, it was decided that Cane could have his next surgery to remove the third and final bullet yesterday. The Humane Society said the community has donated $3,600 to Cane’s medical care. The male dog was found along the road to Mission Ridge and Beehive Road June 5. He’s been undergoing medication and acupuncture since then, but veterinarians worried he wasn’t strong enough to undergo surgery. Removing the bullets was the next big step. The Wenatchee Police Department is investigating the shooting.