[5/13/21] Short Term Rental Proposals Presented to County Commission

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Recommendations on short-term rental regulations have been presented to the Chelan County Commission, and they seem pleased.

The task force to come up with regulations of short-term rentals in the county met over a three month period; their proposals were sent to the county’s community development department, who made the presentation to the commission Tuesday.  The recommendations include allowing all existing vacation rentals in unincorporated areas of the county to continue operation, if they comply with all safety codes and standards. The number of new short-term rentals would be capped, and each rental would have a maximum allowed occupancy.  The regulations center on three tiers of short-term rentals, Community Development Director Jim Brown says each tier would be allowed different sizes of rentals:

What’s more, there would be space between short-term rentals:

The first words from the Commission were words of praise; Commission Chair Bob Bugert:

Brown says there’s still some tinkering with the recommendations to go, and his hope is to have a draft code sent to the Commissioners for a June 1st workshop; from there, a public hearing could be set for June 15, and a decision made by the end of June.