[6/7/19] Shooting leaves dog in critical condition

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Wenatchee Animal Control is looking for tips into a shooting Wednesday that left a dog in critical condition. Around 9:30 Wednesday night a man found a severely injured dog on the side of the road near Bee Hive on Mission Ridge Road. He brought the dog to Wenatchee Valley Humane Society and X-rays confirmed the dog had been shot at least three times to the head, neck and shoulder by what looked like a hollow point round from a small caliber pistol. The dog is currently being treated by the Humane Society veterinarian with pain medication and antibiotics, and they’re not sure if the dog will survive. The dog is a large adult male, American Pit Bull/Terrier mix, silver/white, neutered and has a previous abdominal scar, indicating that he has an owner. When found, the dog was not wearing a collar and had no identification or microchip.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Wenatchee Animal Care & Control at 662-9577 Option 1.