[9/15/21] Sheriff’s Office View on Lake Chelan Summer

Posted in Law Enforcement

Steady, but safer. That’s how Chelan County Sheriff’s Deputy Nigel Hunter wraps up the summer season in Chelan in a few words. He says businesses told him that it was steady throughout the season, where no one weekend or weekday was busier than another, and being a marine patrol deputy, Hunter says it was that way on the lake as well:

And now that summer is over, the tourists go home and the city opens up for the year-round residents, Deputy Hunter says your’re going to have to be on the lookout if you live next to a rental or a part-time resident:

Hunter says the new laws passed out of Olympia this past session greatly increase his liabilities when responding, so that if he personally does something inappropriate or out of policy, the liability is on him personally rather than on the county.