[3/23/17] Sheriff, Commissioners Respond To Recent ICE Declined Detainer Report

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A recent weekly report from White House Administration was published that listed Chelan County Regional Justice Center on a list of jails who refused to hold a suspect on a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (also known as ICE) detainer.

The so called Declined Detainer Report outlines requests spanning one week: January 28 to February 3rd of this year, and shows Chelan County with one refusal during that time frame.

Chelan County Sheriff, Brian Burnett said that report has sparked a lot of discussion and questions and told KOZI the first thing he wants to clear up is that the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office does not run the jail…

032317 Jail ICE Holds 1 :35 “..there’s just a handful.”

ICE holds are requests for jails to hold inmates for 48 hours after their release date for ICE agents to pick up and process suspected of illegally immigrating into the US.

Those ICE holds, Sheriff Burnett explains, were ruled unconstitutional and Chelan County stopped ICE Holds in 2014.

Now, he says, a warrant is needed…

032317 Jail ICE Holds 2 :35 “…charges on that person.”

When asked about the recent released list- Sheriff Burnett says it appears to be pointing blame in the wrong direction…

032317 Jail ICE Holds 3 1:09 “…doubt at this time.”


There have been recent reports that the Chelan County Regional Jail is refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Agents (ICE).


These reports are incorrect.


Chelan County has in the past and continues to honor ICE requests to notify their office in advance of the release of individuals deemed of interest to ICE.  What Chelan County cannot and will not do is to illegally hold prisoners past their scheduled release date.  To do so has been determined by Federal Courts to be illegal.  Chelan County expects to continue this practice of cooperation with ICE in a manner that fully complies with Federal Law.