[10/6/17] Sheriff Burnett To Reassign Sergeant Rob Huddleston Out Of Chelan

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There must be a reasonable and logical explanation as to why the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has chosen to reassign Sergeant Rob Huddleston to another position– but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Each fall, deputies, based on seniority, request where they would like to be assigned for the following year.

We had this conversation with Sergeant Huddleston on Tuesday of this week…

100617 Huddleston Reassigned 1 :25 “….isn’t it?… it is.”

That was Tuesday. On Thursday, Sergeant Huddleston, and the City of Chelan found out that Rob will no longer head up the north detachment based in Chelan.

On January 1st, Huddleston will be reassigned to the Columbia River Drug Task Force.

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office acts as the lead agency, working with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Natchez Police Department, East Natchez Police Department and Washington State Patrol. The Task Force was formed in 1991 and is funded by the participating agencies as well as through grant money through the state and Federal Government.

The force routinely partners with federal agencies such as the FBI and drug enforcement agency to target illegal drug organizations operating through the United States, Canada and Mexico…

100617 Huddleston Reassigned 2 :10 “….drugs are coming from.”

That’s Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Chris Foreman. After spending the last seven years on the Columbia River Drug Task Force, he and Sergeant Huddleston will be switching jobs in January.

It’s certainly not based on seniority. Huddleston has been with the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office for 18 years – Sergeant Foreman, 14 years…

100617 Huddleston Reassigned 3 :11 “…sergeant for three years.”

Sergeant Foreman was assigned to the Columbia River Drug Task Force in 2011 and has a stellar reputation.

It is common practice– in fact, encouraged practice– to reassign staff for the purpose of cross training to avoid the interruption of critical business function of any Sheriff’s Office. But, we look forward to asking Sheriff Brian Burnett about the new assignment…and maybe even giving him our thoughts.