[11/8/21] September Unemployment Numbers

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Some good news as to unemployment numbers for Chelan and Douglas Counties, which make up what they call the Wenatchee Metropolitan Statistical Area. There were two big drops in the jobless rate – down a full percentage point from August to September, and down more than three percent from September 2020. In another piece of good news, September’s jobless rate was an all-time low.

Regional Labor Economist Don Meseck focuses on the year over year numbers, and he says the unemployment rate – at just 3-point-three percent in September – can be placed on two sets of statistics:

As for who’s doing the hiring, Meseck says just about every industry is, except federal government. But there are some standout industry sectors:

And while Meseck says the labor force grew in the two counties by one-point-nine percent, there is one number that kind of baffles him:

As we’ve mentioned before, the 2020 numbers are affected by the COVID pandemic, so comparisons between this year and last year are mainly for show. The real comparison comes when you compare 2021 numbers to the pre-pandemic year of 2019. And we haven’t reached those numbers yet.