[6/6/17] Search & Rescue Crews Unable To Locate 19 Year Old Man Missing After Glissading Accident

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The Chelan County Sheriff’s Mountain Search & Rescue Team has been unable to locate a 19 year old Mercer Island man, presumed dead, following a glissading accident Saturday near Leavenworth…

060617 CCSO Missing Glissader 1 :25 “…cut in below.”

That’s Sergeant Kent Sisson, with Chelan County Sheriff’s Emergency Management.

He explains glissading, or glacier sliding, as the act of intentionally descending down a steep snow slope in a controlled slide on your feet or buttocks. It routinely involves the use of an ice axe or similar device to assist in controlling the slide.

It’s considered a very high risk activity due to unforeseen dangers such as holes or crevasses in the snow pack…

060717 CCSO Missing Glissader 2 :14 “…too far for them to see.”

Sisson says the incident was reported just after 5pm Saturday evening. Attempts to locate the missing man Saturday, Sunday and again Monday were unsuccessful…

060717 CCSO Missing Glissader 3 :21 “…factors play into this.”

Ironically it was almost 1 year ago to the day that a 24 year old man went missing after falling into a crevasse while glissading in the same area. It took nearly a month for searchers to recover his body.

The victim of last Saturday’s glissading accident has been identified as 19 year old Benjamin Gore, of Mercer Island.

Sisson says Search & Rescue coordinators may need to wait several weeks to make the recovery of his body.