[4/12/17] Rotary KOZI Radioathon Golden Egg Clues For Wednesday

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Rotary Radioathon $500 GOLDEN EGG —WED. CLUES

#1  And so I’ll begin.  Find me and win.

#2 Under a sunny or starry sky, set me down gently and there I’ll lie.

#3  Even though a road is near, no one can reach me over here

#4  Whether it’s day or night, finding me will be all right.

#5  Use your heart and your head to find my cozy springtime bed.

#6  Don’t give up; it’s too early.  Just chill out and act a bit squirrely.

#7 Seriously now, look around, somewhere between the sky and the ground.

# 8  You’ll find me in public view.  No trespassing: this means you!

#9  I like to watch the people who pass.  Where I am, I don’t hear much sass.

#10  At the end of day one, if you listened well, you figured out time will tell.