[5/26/21] Rotary Glass Crusher Update

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Now an update on a project that’s getting closer to completion. 

The glass crusher being purchased by the Lake Chelan Rotary Club with grants from the City of Chelan, the State Department of Ecology, and from a number of wineries in the valley.  It’ll be placed at the Chelan recycling center across from Walmart, pulverize all kinds of glass and porcelain into glass sand and glass aggregate, give the city what it wants, and sell the rest.  When we last checked in with them, they were about 20-thousand dollars short of their 150-thousand dollar goal.  Where are they now?

That’s Julie McCoy, the Rotarian who has spearheaded this project from the beginning.  She told us the order has been placed with Andela Products of Richfield Springs, NY for a GP05-L pulverizer.  The agreement with the state for its 50-thousand dollar grant for the project is that the machine be on site by the end of June:

In the meantime, this project has been getting noticed by other Rotary clubs in the region; when we asked McCoy whether she’s been seeking help from other Rotaries, she told us she has, but it seems to have the opposite result:

We mentioned that the goal is to sell whatever of the aggregate the city doesn’t want, and it looks as though they might have lined up their first customer:

In any event, the upshot is that the 911 Glass Rescue Project needs about another 10-thousand dollars to reach its goal.  Though they‘ve got the money to purchase the crusher, they need money for operating it and maintenance:

You can donate at www.911glassrescue.org. And if you’re wondering what the 911 signifies, it has nothing to do with the number you call for emergencies: