[1/4/22] Resentencing For Man Convicted Of 2001 Murder

Posted in Law Enforcement

Longtime residents may well remember the murder of 22-year-old Chrissy Clements of East Wenatchee, who was ordered to the floor and shot to death in her workplace at the Liberty Video Store in downtown Wenatchee in December of 2001. Now the man who pleaded guilty to that and other crimes could be resentenced, but even so he will never emerge from confinement.

Michael Raymond Garrett, now 53, was sentenced to five life terms plus 41 years. A career criminal, Garrett had multiple previous convictions that factored into his sentence. Those included convictions in Yakima County for possessing minor amounts of illegal drugs, which is no longer a felony in Washington under the state Supreme Court’s State v. Blake decision last spring. Anyone previously convicted of minor possession in Washington is entitled to resentencing and expunging of those felonies.

Chelan County prosecutors agreed in a hearing Wednesday that Garrett may require resentencing, but said the vacated drug charges would not shorten his sentence. The matter is scheduled to come before a Superior Court judge next February.