[2/21/22] Request For Fire District Emails To Cost Time And Money

Posted in Fire and EMS

Two people are going to be costing Fire District 7 time and money, all because they want emails. As a matter of fact, every email for one commissioner and three administrators.  At last Wednesday’s Fire Commission meeting, the District’s Administrative Clerk, Carol Kibler, told the commissioners it’s going to require a lot of staff time.  She added that the district is going to have to review each email to make sure nothing classified is released.  Chief Brendan Asher said the district has made every attempt to address the issue with the requester, and that he is confident nothing derogatory to the district will be found.  Commissioner Russ Jones said the persons making the request never come to meetings and ask questions.  Kibler said the district has contacted their attorney; Commissioner Karyl Oules asked if the district can charge the requester for their time and the attorney’s.  Fulfilling the request, Kibler says, is going to cost several thousand dollars.