[2/28/22] Representative Steele On Proposed State Budgets

Posted in Politics

12th District State Representative Mike Steele says he’s proud of the supplemental capital budget the House Appropriations Committee passed. Steele is the ranking Republican on that committee, and lead negotiator on the budget. He says the 12th District comes out fairly well:

The budget also includes 12 million dollars for the Almira School District to help them rebuild their school which was burned to the ground back in October, as well as money for the modernization of the Republic school, dealing with leaking windows and roofs.

One thing Representative Steele isn’t happy about is what happened with the operations budget, which passed the Appropriations Committee on a party line vote:

Steele said republicans had proposed sales tax and property tax relief, as well as taking some money from the general fund and putting it into the transportation budget, which has had its problems with lower gas tax revenues due to people driving less during the pandemic.