[12/7/21] Redistricting Worries

Posted in Politics

Will Chelan and Douglas counties be separated, legislatively and congressionally speaking? That redistricting question is now left to the State Supreme Court, now that the Bipartisan Redistricting Commission was unable to submit a plan by its November 15th deadline. The plan the commission was favoring splits Chelan County from Douglas and Okanogan Counties, which have historically been linked. 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins:

The maps put the counties in different legislative and congressional districts, which Hawkins says is bad news:

Splitting up the 12th District wouldn’t have a direct impact on the city of Chelan, or other cities if it happens, but according to City Adminstrator Wade Ferris, it would make a difference:

As we’ve mentioned, now redistricting is in the State Supreme Court’s lap, and they need to make a decision by April 30th.