[5/5/22] PUD Customers Getting Scam Calls

Posted in Public Utility

I was checking our files, and saw that on February 11th, we did a story on PUD customers getting scam calls. Well, here’s another one. More customers, and apparently some non-customers, are getting calls from scammers pretending to be with the Chelan County PUD. PUD Customer Accounts Specialist Shaylee Childress says the scam calls are apparently increasing, and they’re seeing some new trends:

In addition, the scammers are threatening disconnection of power. Childress details one call which happened last week:

So the word is going out again: if you get a call from someone saying they’re from the PUD and demanding immediate payment, it’s a scam call. Childress says don’t be afraid to call the PUD to make sure:

And if anyone tells you to make a payment on a website, remember that it should only be on the PUD’s website, chelanpud-dot-org. And the PUD does not accept gift cards as payment.