[8/4/16] PUD Could Switch To Vegetable Oil For Trucks And Equipment

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Chelan County PUD Commissioners, on Monday, heard the results of a test that could lead to the PUD switching the type of fuel that runs its trucks and heavy equipment.

PUD Commissioner, Gary Arsenault, says the PUD is under a legislative mandate to make the change…


So, the clock is ticking.

For several months, the PUD has been running a test using 20-thousand gallons of fuel made from vegetable and animal fats- a mixture called R-99…


Arsenault says the results of the tests so far have been positive…


And Arsenault says the tests aren’t over yet…


There are a few downsides to the bio-fuel- including a slightly higher cost and concerns about losing rain forests due to the planting of palms for oil to make the renewable fuel.

A number of other northwest utilities and public agencies are already using or transitioning to renewable diesel, including California State agencies, the Cities of Oakland and San Francisco, and the United Parcel Service.