[5/19/21] PUD Approves Waiving Installation Fees, Energy Saving Programs

Posted in Public Utility

Chelan County PUD commissioners supported two proposals designed to lower the cost of housing and lower energy bills for people who can least afford it. 

At their meeting Monday, commissioners approved a resolution to waive connection fees for qualified homebuyers working with local housing trusts.  Lindsey Mohns is the PUD’s customer utilities manager:

The average $1,900 fee would be waived for homes built for homebuyers who earn less than 80 percent of the area median income, which is currently $57,050 a year for a family of four.

Commissioners also supported a new suite of energy-efficiency programs designed to help people who spend 6% or more of their income on energy. About 98 percent of these households earn less than $20,000 a year.

An estimated 2,100 homes would qualify for self-install energy-saving equipment such as faucet aerators, LED light bulbs, thermostatic shower valves, and smart thermostats.

An estimated 820 homes would qualify for appliance replacement and weatherization measures. Participating homes could see average savings of about $135 annually per home for the next 45 years.

Outreach to qualifying customers will begin later this year.