[3/28/22] PUD And Confluence Parkway

Posted in Public Utility, Transportation

We’ve been talking a bit here the last few weeks about Wenatchee’s Confluence Parkway project, and how 12th District state lawmakers have been working to get state money for the project in the transportation budget to make the parkway a reality. It looks like it will happen, but is there much benefit for the Chelan valley from this project? I asked that of a friend at the State Department of Transportation, and the answer that came back was, not much. It will improve traffic flow on the north end of town, and that theoretically will improve transit times, meaning those late afternoon Link Transit buses shouldn’t arrive here quite as late as they sometimes do. It might increase freight on that corridor, and might make using Highway 97 more appealing to get from Chelan to Wenatchee as opposed to 97A, although that could be a stretch. In any case, plans are being made, not only on the transportation side, but on the recreational side of the project. The Chelan County PUD wants your opinion on what they should do, and they’ve got a survey they’d like you to take. PUD spokesperson Rachel Hansen:

The website again for that survey is chelanpud.org/confluence.