[8/18/21] Prices Lower On Construction Essentials

Posted in Business & Economy

Good news for contractors and weekend DIYers: lumber prices are back to a more normal price. Earlier this year, a sheet of plywood was more than 70 dollars; now it’s back down to around 23-fifty for a sheet, and a unit can go for around 20 dollars. And stick lumber has gone from 11 dollars to a more reasonable five. On yesterday’s “2nd Cup of Coffee” program, Brett Lamar from Lake Chelan Building Supply said if you’ve got a project in mind, now’s the time to go ahead on it:

And consequently, new home prices are heading lower, after a big spike up earlier this year. Jake Mason is director of government affairs for the Central Washington Home Builders Association:

And Mason says you shouldn’t be surprised at all the homes that are being built, because the industry hasn’t recovered from a downturn almost 15 years ago:

Mason says he hopes to see an increase in the rate of new home construction over the next seven to ten years.