[2/3/17] President’s Hiring Freeze Slows Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest Seasonal Hiring

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Newly elected President Donald Trump signed a memorandum last week which placed a temporary freeze on any new hires through most federal agencies. News of the freeze is potentially chilling to those with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, who had been engaged in the process of hiring critical seasonal positions including wildland firefighters, according to Spokesperson Holly Krake…

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Krake says the number of seasonal workers hired by the Forest Service is vast and varied…

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Although the suspension of new employees to the Forest Service is certainly an inconvenience, Krake says the practice is not uncommon when there are changes in leadership…

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Some pundits say Trump’s move to temporarily curtail new appointments to federal positions runs parallel with his long-promised campaign to shrink the federal government without downsizing the U.S. military.

During his eight years in office, former President Barak Obama never initiated a federal hiring freeze, but did implement a three-year hold on wage increases and performance awards for federal employees.