[8/25/16] Preparing the 2017 spending plan, the county is in good shape…

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September is around the corner, and at the Chelan County Courthouse, September means budget time. Chelan County Commissioner Doug England says as the county looks ahead to preparing the 2017 spending plan, the county is in good shape:

One potential fly in the budget ointment is the impending annexation of the Olds Station industrial area into the City of Wenatchee, a move England says could cost the County a million dollars a year in sales tax revenue. Now when an annexation happens, the county generally gets a portion of the property tax revenue in return to cover things like the treasurer, auditor, assessor and other services by elected officials; but Commissioner England says the Olds Station annexation wasn’t necessarily a win for the county:

There are no estimates on the size of the 2017 budget; the County has been working with a 37-million dollar budget for this year.