[2/14/18] Preliminary Special Election Results Show Strong Support In Chelan & Douglas Counties – Not So Much For Okanogan County

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Voters in Chelan and Douglas Counties sent in an early Valentines Day message to school districts in yesterday’s Special Election.

A preliminary ballot count indicates overwhelming voter support for every school ballot issue in Chelan and Douglas County.

Keeping in mind that a school levy requires 50% plus 1 voter approval for passage.

In Cashmere, replacement M & O levy received 72% voter approval and the Cashmere bond proposal, which requires a 60% voter approval actually received 70%.

In Entiat 62% of voters said yes to the Entiat School M& O levy.

Across the river, in Douglas County, 63% of Coulee Hartline voters said yes to a replacement levy, the Orondo School District’s Replacement levy is passing with a 55% approval and Palisades school district voters overwhelmingly supported their replacement M&O levy with an 82% approval. In Waterville, 7 out of 10 voters said yes to a replacement education and operation levy.

Together, Chelan and Douglas County voters approved every single issue on the ballot- all of which were school related.

In Okanogan County, voters weren’t quite so smitten with school proposals.

Omak voters are saying no to a bond and maybe to a replacement levy.

The Omak bond proposal to construct a new middle school is failing with just 45% of voters saying yes- 60% is what’s needed for a bond passage. The replacement levy in Omak is 50.9% approval – too close to call at this point.

Okanogan School District voters are saying yes to a replacement levy with 60%. A Tonasket School replacement levy is too close to call with 51% voting yes, while in Oroville 60% of voters said yes to a replacement operation levy.

The vote count for the Pateros School District is close- but thus far, 54% of voters are saying yes.

All of these results are based on a preliminary ballot count- more votes are left to be counted.

Each county said they will update their numbers this Friday which will provide a clearer outcome for those undecided Okanogan County school issues.