[8/12/21] Power Outages And Squirrels

Posted in Public Utility

According to the Chelan County PUD, when the power goes out, it is usually because of one of three main causes: extreme weather, unmanaged vegetation, or animals. And in Chelan County, animals usually means squirrels. And squirrels have been causing more outages: sixty just last year, that’s up from just six in 2003. Andy Wendell is the PUD’s Director of Customer Service and Stakeholder Outreach, Andy Wendell, explains what squirrels do:

Wendell says it’s usually younger squirrels just coming out of their nests who are a little bit clumsy and rambunctious that are causing the outages, as opposed to the more mature squirrels who are used to getting around on the poles. Wendell says the PUD puts animal guards on their equipment to protect both animals and their equipment. But he adds there’s something you can do as well:

Wendell adds the PUD will be going around neighborhoods in Chelan, adding additional fuse protection to the lines, which will still result in outages, but will reduce both the frequency and the number of people affected by them.