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Yesterday, we looked at the growth issue in Chelan over the last year, mainly the Apple Blossom Center development project with a possible 720 new apartments near Walmart. But Manson also has growth issues, perhaps more serious with only one way in and out of town. And it can't really control its own destiny, for it's an unincorporated area, and Chelan County has the final say.

The community's outlet to have their say is the Manson Community Council, which took up the issues of new development this year, specifically, the Bluewater Terrace proposal near Rocky Point, technically before the Chelan Planning Commission earlier this year, but a Manson issue because of the traffic impact on the community. We understand that proposal seems to be dead at this point, that the city of Chelan sent a list of things the applicant needed to fix, but there was no resubmission of the project.

But what really concerned the council and the community was a 9 and a half acre property that had been up for development for some thirty years – Sundance Estates, a proposed 66 home development across from Mill Bay Beach. In November, a public hearing was held on Sundance Estates, and late last month, Hearings Examiner Andy Kottkamp gave his approval for the project. But hold on: we learned recently that the property is going up for auction on the steps of the Chelan County Courthouse early next month. So that project is in some jeopardy as well.

In June, the council held a community forum on growth with Acting Community Development Director Deanna Walter, who pointed out that it wasn't just new housing that was causing Manson's traffic problems:

In the fall Walter created a Rural Zoning and Subdivision Task Force to come up with suggestions to the County Commission. But a possible solution to Manson's traffic problems could be decades away, although a first step was taken by the city of Chelan: Chelan Councilman John Olson:

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