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In looking at the stories over the past year, one thing that seemed to pop up from time to time was the issue of getting water, or fire flow, to the airport. Back in March, Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde said they were looking forward to getting access to the 5-point-7 million dollars the state set aside for it in 2021:

The next month, it was Chelan-Douglas Regional Port Authority Executive Director Jim Kuntz having his say:

But in November, the project was still on the drawing board, and the issue was still money:

Other stories from earlier this year: while we're dealing with enough snow right now, it's nothing compared to what we got in Early January. Remember the dumping we got, essentially overnight ? From the January 6th 2nd Cup of Coffee program:

In February, Brad Wilson was named State High School Principal of the Year for 2022. The honor came from the Association of Washington School Principals; then Lake Chelan Superintendent Barry DePaoli:

At the end of last school year, DePaoli retired as superintendent, and Wilson took his place.

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