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Something for growers to take in starting next week: “Tree Fruit Days,” a series of presentations on agriculture and horticulture within North Central Washington hosted by WSU Tree Fruit Extension.

Presentations in Wenatchee will run from next Monday thru Wednesday at the Convention Center, then move to Chelan High School next Saturday, and in Omak on Tuesday February 7th.

Tree Fruit Days is an opportunity for producers to stay updated on research-based information within the agricultural industry. Topics include pest and disease management, invasive species, climate impacts on pollination, discussions on agricultural labor, and evaluating emerging technologies. The Saturday session in Chelan is new this year, and Tree Fruit Extension Specialist Tianna DuPont says a focus will be on technology:

Other topics to be discussed in Chelan include replant considerations, and pest management. The Okanogan session in February will tackle topics including apple maggots, invasive species, pear psylla, and labor law changes.

DuPont says attending the sessions are valuable:

Pre-registration is not required for in-person sessions, but it is required for virtual participation in Apple, Pear and Stone Fruit Days in Wenatchee, and for the optional networking lunch. You can find out more on the Tree Fruit Days schedule at

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