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So you're driving on Highway 97A, minding your own business, when you see rocks in the roadway. Usually they're small enough so you can slow down and maneuver your way around them. But what if you come upon rocks that are, say, the size of a dining room table – like one of our owners did Saturday afternoon, heading up 97A at the curve just before the Knapps Hill Tunnel? State Transportation Department Spokesperson Lauren Loebsack says don't try to be a hero:

We talked with Loebsack later, and she said that calling 911 or Rivercom is the better option. And when it comes to road closures, she says some people have been going around the barricades to get through them, and that's not a good idea:

By the way, if you're wondering, our owners managed to get around that table-sized rock that was blocking their lane, traffic was alternating one vehicle at a time, a charter bus allowed them to get around that rock.

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