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A drive by shooting last summer in Wenatchee has 17 year old boy being charged as an adult in Chelan County Superior Court. Angel Lara-Sedano of Wenatchee pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree assault and tampering with a witness.

He was handed a 111 month prison term with an additional 36 months of probation for the shooting that injured 32 year old Andrew Royster. In a plea deal with prosecutors, Lara-Sedano''s charges of drive-by shooting and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder were dropped. His conspiracy charge was levied back in December after detectives on the case say he threatened from jail to have his co-defendant killed. That was confirmed by a witness who says he overheard Lara-Sedano say he wanted his co-defendant gone.

Court dates are still ahead for three other defendants who were involved in the shooting,

17 year old Omar Romero-Romero of East Wenatchee is accused of driving the car used in the drive-by shooting and faces charges as an adult for first-degree assault and drive-by shooting, charges that he has already pleaded guilty to.

18 year old Octavio M Medina-Cuevas is being charged with first degree assault and drive-by shooting, he'll make a court appearance next month.

A 17-year-old boy accused of shooting and injuring a man during a drive-by shooting last summer in Wenatchee will serve about nine-years in prison.

A 14 year old boy also faces charges as detectives say he was in the car during the shooting and was responsible for later hiding the guns at his home. Charges include complicit to assault 1st degree and complicit to drive-by shooting.

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