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The theme of this year's Earth Day Fair was “It's all about the lake.” And Chelan County Natural Resources is hoping to start a volunteer watercraft inspection program at various points around the lake to keep invasive species out of the water. Natural Resource Specialist Lisa Dowling explains what the program is all about:

A 2020 study by the county showed Lake Chelan was at high risk for establishment for invasive mussels that have infested waters throughout other parts of the country. The Great Lakes and lakes in the Southwest like Lake Mead and Lake Powell are heavily infested, and watercraft inspection stations are popping up along the west coast to try to intercepting watercraft and decontaminating them. In case of an infestation of invasive species in the lake, Dowling says the county, the State Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Recreation Conservation Office are ready:

As we've reported, a watercraft cleaning station has been donated and will be installed at Lakeshore Marina. Dowling also said inspection teams will be at Don Morse Park, 25 Mile State Park and Lake Chelan State Park. She added there are hopes to expand the program to other lakes, such as Dry Lake, Roses Lake and Wapato Lake.