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At last Thursday's Community Meeting at Chelan City Hall, Chelan County's Community Development Director Deanna Walter said when it comes to housing in Chelan County, the emphasis will be on increasing density, rather than the number of lots. She adds that more lots will come on the market, but she adds a caveat with that:

Walter says what that was doing went back to her days as county assessor:

Walter says she'll be working with county commissioners to go through the county code to remove provisions that are outdated or unenforceable. She talked about ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units – something the state legislature will require cities and counties to allow starting in 2025, Chelan County has allowed ADUs since 2011:

Walter says her Land Use department isn't as busy as it has been, not as many plats are coming in, she says because financing is expensive and interest rates have gone up.

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