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Two individuals from Grant County are likely to face federal charges after allegedly stealing over $10,000 worth of radios and equipment from a U.S. Forest Service Fire Truck.

According to Federal Firefighters, five radios were reported stolen from a fire truck that had been parked overnight at a Moses Lake hotel on Kittleson Road. These radios are essential for the crew during firefighting operations, forcing the truck to be taken out of service. Law enforcement officers swiftly located the involved vehicle and apprehended its owner, Nathan Huelle, a 46-year-old individual.

After impounding the vehicle and obtaining a search warrant, the police discovered all of the stolen equipment inside. In addition, surveillance footage helped identify another suspect, David Walker, aged 37. Walker, who was already known to the police, was arrested outside a local business while still wearing the same attire he had during the theft.

Both Huelle and Walker have been booked into the Grant County Jail, facing charges of 1st Degree Theft and Malicious Mischief, as well as 2nd Degree Vehicle Prowl. Due to the fact that the fire truck belonged to the United States Forest Service, federal law enforcement has become involved in the investigation, potentially leading to federal charges being filed.

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