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The Chelan City Council is going back to the drawing board on the proposed Tax Increment Financing plan to make it more palatable. That's the word from Councilman John Olson, who calls the state approved TIF plans unique. The TIF, as it is being called, is being proposed to fund 16-million dollars in water improvements in East Chelan. Some junior taxing districts have concerns over the plan, fearing they'll lose money if the city goes ahead with TIF. One of those who made big noises at the public meeting on TIF last week was Chelan Fire and Rescue, but the way Mayor Bob Goedde puts it, the improvements the TIF will fund will help them:

But Goedde adds the junior taxing districts won't be taking a big hit all at once with TIF:

The city council will have a vote May 9th on approving an increment district, which will start a five year window on starting projects.