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Now that 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins' bill that could establish a Public Facilities District for a new sports complex in the Wenatchee area has become law, what are the next steps in that process? That was the focus of a meeting Friday of the regional sports complex steering committee and the consulting firm BerryDunn.

Phase One of the project includes public engagement, set to run from early June through at least the middle of July. There are two stages of engagement; the include stakeholder meetings, and focus groups that could include as many as 18 people. BerryDunn Project Manager Jeff Milkes said, quoting here, “We want to get some of the general public, but we really want to target targeted groups out here,” end quote.

Some targeted groups include soccer and sports athletic associations, aquatic teams, school districts, non profits and advocates for people with disabilities.

Phase One of the study is expected to be wrapped up by the end of September, with the entire study complete by early next February.

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