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Motorists traveling on U.S. Highway 97 through Blewett Pass will encounter temporary signage along the roadway this month.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) has collaborated with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to address a brief migratory period of deer near the Big Y junction on the pass's north side.

According to DOT spokesperson Lauren Loebsack, the electronic messaging boards will caution drivers about the potential risk of deer crossing the road. Similar tactics have yielded positive outcomes in the past, notably near U.S. Highway 97A where bighorn sheep frequent the area. Loebsack highlighted a significant reduction in collisions involving these animals due to the emphasis on messaging.

To identify the migration area near U.S. Highway 97, the DFW has attached GPS collars to mule deer over the past few years. This information enables transportation authorities to implement targeted safety measures.

The DOT has observed a noteworthy 50% decline in wildlife-related accidents where seasonal messaging signs have been deployed. In addition to the signage, the DOT is reminding drivers not to stop or feed wildlife near the roadway.

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