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The Washington State Legislature just wrapped up a 105-day session, which saw three different budgets passed, as well as 485 individual bills. Now, barring a special session, which has been mentioned as a possibility, the legislature is in recess until next January, when the lawmakers will convene for a 60-day session. And 12th District State Senator Brad Hawkins says they'll be busy:

Which brings up the question: is that 60-day session, mandated by the State Constitution every two years, long enough? Hawkins says the 105-day session works well, but in years past, changing the length of the sessions has come up, but nothing's ever been decided. Hawkins says it's getting to the point where something will have to be done:

The senator says people want who they elect to go to Olympia to be part time citizen legislators, but Hawkins says that isn't the reality anymore.