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This week, attention in the Chelan County Sheriff's Office North Detachment will be turning to Winterfest, but they says they're not expecting too many problems over the next two weekends, as the Winterfest crowds are better behaved than those in the summer months. But crime is a year-round activity, and Sheriff's Sergeant Rob Huddleston says the type of crime they see seems to go in seasons, and at this time of the year, it's mail theft:

Huddleston says if you can, invest in a locking mail box. He adds that doorbell cameras are a good idea too, and are often an aid to law enforcement. Chief Ryan Moody says people are usually happy to help them and volunteer information and video when it's needed:

In the meantime, Huddleston says they're getting ready to deal with the large number of vehicles on the city right of way, just sitting there. He says he talked with City Administrator Wade Ferris about it last week:

Huddleston said he'd be meeting again with the city to work out a plan of action for taking care of those vehicles.

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