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The sentence was handed down on Monday for the death of Paulina Mosqueda-Rodriguez. 22 year old Julius James Ceballos will spend 102 months, or eight and a half years in prison, after a judge sentenced him in Chelan County Superior Court. He was originally to be charged by prosecutors with first-degree murder and a possible life sentence, however charges were reduced to second-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault due to lack of forensic evidence and witnesses who were deemed unreliable. Mosqueda-Rodriguez's remains were found in March of 2020 at the Sage Hills Trailhead roughly six months after family members say they lost contact with her. She was found with multiple gunshot and stab wounds. Cebalos' sentence was considered at the high end of standard sentencing for his crime, it was two months longer than the prosecuting and defense attorneys had recommended to the court. Ceballos will still faces a restitution hearing on April 12th in Chelan County, and will be under supervised probation for 18 months after his release from prison.

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