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Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) crews are close to completing the month-long task of clearing the North Cascades Scenic Highway for vehicle traffic. Only 6 miles of snow-covered road remain to be cleared from the Methow Valley side.

At the end of April, the workers had reached Swamp Creek near milepost 154, while the road had been cleared to milepost 148 from the west side.

Closure points are still in effect at milepost 134 on the west side and milepost 178 on the east side, according to WSDOT. While progress has been made, snow still lingers in the loading zones of avalanche paths, necessitating upcoming avalanche control.

Warmer weather poses high avalanche risks, limiting work time for crews. The exact reopening date is challenging to determine. If conditions permit, the highway should be open by Mother's Day. During weekends when crews are not working, bicyclists can ride beyond the closure points.

WSDOT reminds motorists that even after the highway reopens, most National Parks and U.S. Forest Service facilities will remain closed until later in spring. WSDOT crews will be working Monday through Thursday.

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