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Washington State Department of Transportation crews are working hard to clear SR 20 North Cascades Highway ahead of its seasonal reopening in May.

This week, the east side clearing crew reached the summit of Washington Pass and is pushing towards the west side clearing point, about 14 miles away. According to WSDOT, snow levels on the roadway are about 6 ft. deep, which is ideal for the snow blower to make good time. However, there is one more avalanche path near Whistler Mountain that the crew needs to clear before they can reach the west side.

Despite the clearing progress, Department of Transportation spokesperson Lauren Loebsack warns that the road will remain closed for a few more weeks. After the clearing is complete, crews will have to repair the guard rails, signage, and pavement damaged by debris and snow slides over the winter.

Once the repairs are complete, the highway will be open to traffic, providing access to the North Cascades National Park and other recreational areas in the region.

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