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“Haunted Manson” will be without a “Haunted Mansion.” And that has left the Manson Chamber of Commerce scrambling to line up replacement events for October. Manson Chamber President Kim Ustanik told KOZI the Chelan County Fire Commission gave her three requirements for the mansion, two of which Ustanik said were easy to comply with. But the third – having no cover on the house, even a tarp or something temporary – was a deal breaker:

Ustanik said the Fire Commission and a building official met with her to go over the house and the safety requirements, and all looked good – except for the tarp:

But with no tarp, there's no haunted mansion over the next few weekends. But Ustanik said they're planning a big day of spooky fun in Manson come the last Saturday in October:

Ustanik says the chamber has a plan to bring people to Manson next month, its members are coming up with events to get, in her words, “heads in beds” and people spending their money. One of the events is still a go: the scarecrow contest is still happening through the month, Ustanik says the hay and the corn stalks are being delivered, so we'll be seeing those pop up around town.

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