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Charles Bergman, a Moses Lake resident, has reached a plea agreement for the alleged murder of his wife, Theresa Bergman, in rural Lincoln County.

Facing first-degree murder charges, the 54-year-old Bergman finalized the plea agreement during a readiness hearing on May 2. As part of the agreement, Bergman is expected to plead guilty to second-degree murder instead of first-degree murder. The change of plea sentencing is scheduled for May 30, 2023. Theresa Bergman's body was discovered in rural Lincoln County days after she and Charles were last seen at Spokane International Airport. Court records revealed that she had suffered a traumatic head injury, indicating she was struck with a thin, hard object. The couple was reported missing after failing to return home from the airport on September 18. Family members shared that Theresa had recently asked Charles for a separation, leading to his depression and suicidal thoughts.

Surveillance footage showed Charles picking up Theresa from the airport, but subsequent attempts to contact them were unsuccessful. Investigators found evidence, including surveillance footage from a local Walmart and phone records, linking Charles to the crime. They also discovered Google search records on his phone related to drugs and lethal doses.

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