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Updated: May 15

The trial of Daniel Pulido, a 21-year-old East Wenatchee resident accused of brandishing a firearm during a downtown disturbance last year, concluded with a mistrial on the charge of second-degree assault. The jury in Douglas County was unable to reach a verdict, leaving the case unresolved.

According to East Wenatchee police, the incident occurred in October when a brawl involving approximately 10 individuals broke out outside a downtown tavern around 2:30 a.m. Witnesses claimed to have seen Pulido point a handgun during the altercation. While security footage partially captured the incident, no clear image of a weapon was discernible, and law enforcement authorities failed to recover any firearm.

Despite the mistrial on the assault charge, Pulido was found guilty of obstructing police, a gross misdemeanor, as they responded to the incident. In sentencing on Monday, he was ordered to serve a 30-day jail term.

The unresolved case leaves questions lingering about the alleged gun pointing incident, as the jury's inability to reach a verdict leaves the matter in legal limbo.

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