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Updated: Jun 21

The Chelan County Hearing Examiner has granted approval for two conditional use permits related to the upcoming Microsoft data center in Malaga.

The county's hearing examiner, Andrew Kottkamp, gave the green light for the construction of an electrical utility switchyard and four water tanks after conducting public hearings earlier this month.

Situated on the 5000 block of the Malaga Alcoa Highway, Microsoft's data center campus will consist of three data centers and a substation powered by Chelan County PUD. Each building is expected to accommodate around 60-70 vendors. The four water tanks, reaching approximately 60 feet in height and width, will have a capacity of up to 385,000 gallons. These tanks will serve as backup water supply for the Malaga Water District, primarily used for space cooling equipment (HVAC) and fire protection in case of disruptions in water service from the district. The hearing examiner's decision states that the installation of the water tanks will not independently increase water demand on the existing domestic water infrastructure, thereby having no adverse impact on public health, safety, and welfare.

Regarding the data center's switchyard, the approval includes conditions to avoid or mitigate any potential impacts on adjacent properties. The switchyard and substation will be dedicated solely to the Microsoft project as per the hearing examiner's decision.

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