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A recent poll conducted by Portland-based DHM Research has found that a slight majority of Washington residents would leave the state if they could.

The survey aimed to gauge Washingtonians' perceptions of the state and economy, and asked respondents to choose between the following two statements: "I would move to another state if my professional and personal situation allowed me to," or "The cost of living in Washington is worth it for the quality of life."

Of the 500 registered voters surveyed between April 13-17, 51% said they would move if they could, compared to 39% who said the quality of life in Washington was worth the cost. The poll also revealed a stark division along political lines, with 60% of Democrats stating that the cost of living was worth it to be in Washington, while 68% of Republicans said they would move if they could. The survey's margin of error is plus or minus 4.4%.

The poll also asked whether the state's high cost of living is necessary for a strong economy or if it will limit the state's growth. Just 10% felt the cost of living was necessary for Washington's economy, while 79% felt it would limit growth.

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