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This weekend, it's the big Apple Blossom Festival weekend in Wenatchee. There's the Apple Blossom Grand Parade, the Food Fair, some might call it the festival of trans fat where the corn dogs are going for thirteen dollars, and the arts and crafts fair at the county courthouse park, and a bike race later in the day. And traffic is going to be a mess.

If you're planning a trip to Wenatchee, it'll be a good idea to leave the car at home and take Link Transit. But be advised that because of the Parade in the midday and the bike race in downtown Wenatchee tomorrow night, Link is having to adjust every single ride in its system. And that includes Route 21 between Manson and Wenatchee. The route is the same from Manson down to Olds Station. But from there, instead of heading into Wenatchee, it will travel across the Odebashian Bridge and use highway 28 through East Wenatchee, cross the Sellar Bridge and then make its way to Columbia Station downtown. And use the same route heading the other way.

So if you need to conduct some business or shopping in Wenatchee this weekend, good luck.