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Two Bridgeport residents are in the Okanogan County Jail on a number of charges stemming from a kidnapping report almost ten days ago.

The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office received a report last Tuesday the 12th of a male kidnapped at gunpoint in the area of the town of Monse by a male and a female. After several witness interviews, probable cause was established for the suspects, 48 year old Michael Mair and his girlfriend, 31 year old Regina Couture, both of Bridgeport.

Probable cause for the arrest of Mair and Couture on kidnapping and assault charges were issued, and that information was provided to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Later, Mair was observed at his residence in Bridgeport. Douglas County Deputies were able to maintain observation of Mair’s residence while Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office prepared a search warrant for the residence and arrest warrant.

Due the nature of the crimes Douglas County Sheriff’s Office activated their SWAT team. Mair and Couture were taken into custody without incident and transported to Okanogan County Jail.

So far, Mair and Couture are both charged with First Degree Kidnapping and First Degree Assault, as well as Possession of Narcotics with Intent to Deliver. Mair is also facing 9 counts of Unlawful Possession of Firearms.

The release from the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office provided no information on the man who was kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Okanogan County and Douglas County Deputies started a search at the residence, and found about 35-hundred suspected Fentanyl pills, about 1 pound of narcotics was located in the home along with several illegally possessed firearms.

The investigation is ongoing pending the outcome of additional search warrants on seized cargo trailers.

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