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Go to any small town, and even big city for that matter, and you'll find that downtown parking is a big issue. And Chelan is no different. Discussions about parking here have gone on for years, and the problem only seems to get worse. Now, it's at the point where one downtown business will start calling in tow trucks to tow cars of those who are not actively shopping at their store. Kelly's Ace Hardware owns and maintains the parking lot behind their store, and in a recent online post said they've been getting dozens of complaints from elderly and other regular customers trying to park in the back and come in for goods. Pat Kelly on KOZI this past Saturday:

Kelly says they've had to put up new signs in that lot and are now leaving friendly notes on car windows, but they say they've regrettably had to crack down on those who abuse the parking privilege:

Pat Kelly's son Brogen has been put in charge of the parking situation, he says just over the weekend they had a sticky situation to deal with:

So the bottom line is, if you're not shopping at Kelly's, don't use their parking spaces behind the store, you do so at your own risk.

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