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Don't expect to do any shopping in the Lookout Commercial District for at least a year or so. That's the word from Lookout management at their information session last Thursday. Around 50 people showed up to hear from Lookout management about their plans for the district. Ken Friesen and Ted Schroth said their plans are for between 8 and 12 commercial buildings ranging from 15-hundred to 5-thousand square feet, as well as an expansive lawn and common area for congregating and various outdoor events. But Schroth says they're flexible about size and tenants:

Friesen says the concept comes from other districts they've seen in Canada and southern California, which have brew pubs and wineries. He says they've had interest from a wide range of businesses:

Lease rates will be based on construction costs and the Lookout will build custom shells to suit; Shroth says they're not looking to build spec buildings, he said “spec” to them is a four-letter word. Friesen says they're expecting business at the district will come from the Community Center being built next door, as well as a built-in customer base from those staying in homes at the Lookout.