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The Douglas County Public Utility District (PUD) continues their construction a $25m hydrogen plant just outside of East Wenatcheenear Bakers Flats. The plant will serve as both a hydrogen fueling center and production hub.

The PUD's general manager, Gary Ivory, spoke at a community roundtable at Pybus Market and hosted by Wenatchee World, where he spoke about the district's history with hydrogen and plans for the future. The PUD intends to produce emissions-free renewable hydrogen energy by recycling hydrogen, which it will sell to industrial customers, such as Microsoft, Kroger and Amazon, on the open market.

The PUD will generate surplus hydropower from the Wells Dam to produce hydrogen during low energy demand periods. 12th-District Senator Brad Hawkins said that hydrogen would provide an opportunity for different renewable energy sources to be more harmonious.

The plant will have the capacity to fill 6,400 hydrogen-powered cars each day, enough to satisfy high demand. The plant is set to be operational by June 2024, with at least six to eight employees hired to manage operations.

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