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A group of hikers successfully rescued a 28-year-old man with an injured ankle at Colchuck Lake.

The incident unfolded after a concerned parent contacted emergency dispatch on Thursday around 7 p.m., reporting that their son had come across the injured hiker from Michigan. The victim had taken a fall while hiking Aasgard Pass. The Chelan County Sheriff's Office Emergency Services responded to the distress call. Sergeant Jason Reinfeld revealed that the hiker was unable to make it back to Leavenworth alone but was fortunate enough to be in stable condition to spend the night on the trail.

Throughout the night, the group of rescuers, assisted by U.S. Forest Service personnel, provided vital support and comfort to the stranded hiker. As morning broke on Friday, the rescue team successfully facilitated the transportation of the injured hiker to a landing pad accessible by the Chelan County Sheriff's Office helicopter. Friday afternoon, the hiker was airlifted to the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery before being transferred to Cascade Medical Center for further treatment.

Sergeant Reinfeld emphasized the challenging weather conditions around the lake, with below-average temperatures and frozen Colchuck Lake. He warned outdoor enthusiasts to exercise caution and adequately prepare for wintry conditions before embarking on hikes or to consider postponing until conditions become less hazardous.

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